HO Scale Model of Plymouth HL-2

    The model uses one power truck from a first- or second-generation Bachmann Spectrum 44 or 70 ton diesel switcher locomotive.  It is designed to accept Kadee #5 couplers, has room for a small DCC decoder and has pockets to pot in lead shot for additional weight.  The idea was to create the loco as a 3D computer model in SolidWorks, write out the parts as .stl files (for stereo lithography, the first rapid prototype technology) and then hope there was a technology available to make rapid prototype masters with enough detail for eventual resin casting.  Scroll down for more details.
    Here are some sreen shots of the current state of the 3D model.  The design is not finished, but much of the exterior detail is there. The cab attchment for the model needs to be finished, but it now looks like the rear coupler screw will also hold on the cab, along with some tabs at the front.

Exploded View
Exploded View

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
Model 6
Model 7
Model 8
Close Up 1
Model 9

Bottom View

VRML Files

    These are a form of viewable 3D files for which you will need a plug-in.  Here are a few of the components that go into the assembly. Maybe some day I'll have enough time and storage space to load the entire assembly as a vrml.

Kadee Coupler
Power Truck
Sand Dome

Rapid Prototype Masters

    The hope was that one of the high resolution rapid prototyping methods now available would be adequate for making casting masters. To see the results, click below:

Rapid Prototype Master

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