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Plymouth Model HL Type 2
Gasoline Locomotive

This locomotive was purchased new in October, 1927 by the New Haven Railroad for lease to its subsidiary, the Wood River Branch Railroad of southern Rhode Island, USA.  It was manufactured by the Fate-Root-Heath Co.'s Plymouth Locomotive Works of Plymouth, Ohio, USA.  The New Haven originally numbered it "A100".  The Wood River Branch later re-numbered it "1872", to honor the year of its inception.  The Wood River Branch Railroad ran from Wood River Junction, 5.6 miles north to Hope Valley, both in Rhode Island.  

Model HL Type 2 Sales Brochure

Below is reproduced a 1920's sales brochure for this model.  The original brochure is a glossy color (the locomotive on the cover is yellow, just like s/n #2691) tabloid style and is kept at the Historical Archives at the Langworthy Library of Hope Valley, Rhode Island:  .  You know the drill, click on the thumbnail to see the larger image.

Front Cover
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Back Cover
Thanks to the Langworthy
 Library and W.W.Williams


Assembly Drawing
Bill of Materials

Apparently, in 1943, the Wood River Branch requested and received information from Fate-Root-Heath Co. about their locomotive.  On file at the Historical Archives are the original mailing envelope...


              well as a "Bill of Materials", or repair parts list.  Here are the three hand-written pages:  Page 1 of 3 , Page 2 of 3, and Page 3 of 3.  As for the assembly drawing, it is a "D" size (24" x 36") blue line.  To see the assembly drawing, click the thumb below.

CAUTION:  3 Mb file!

Photos of #2691

Here are some photos of Plymouth #2691, all in operation on the Wood River Branch Railroad.

In 1930
In 1933
1933 Again
Year Unknown
Year Unknown


Thanks for the pictures to:

Walker:  Walker Transportation Collection, Beverly Massachusettes Historical Society

Langworthy:  Langworthy Public Library Historical Archives

HO Scale Model

The HO model project now has its own page.  Click on the thumb to get there.

HO Scale Plymouth HL-2 Model

Bonus!  Free LCD Font

Here is a font I made for work to simulate the output of a real LCD display that is commercially available, not an idealized one like alot of the ones you see.  The sample is below, some day I will get around to doing the lower case letters and more symbols. To get it, click the link below.  Then download it into a temporary place and finally drag it into the "Windows\Fonts" folder and it will install.  

Real LCD Font.

Sample of LCD font

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